Tried It Tuesday & Frame Winners!

This Tuesday I'm bringing back my app talk. Today I bought ($1) and tried "Book Retriever". A book keeping app with the ability to check books out among a few other functions. It seemed simple, it's been pinned often, and the reviews seemed about equal to other similar apps.

My thoughts... it's so/so... but it's fairly new and growing.

If a book has a bar code it makes the process much simpler. (Many Scholastic books do not).

If the book does not have a bar code, you can search for the book. This works sometimes. I feel that this is a growing app database which would lead to its tendency to not have many books. Which leads to manually impute. I use my phone rather than iPad to scan, so typing in the ISBN/Title/Author (all 3 of these are necessary) if I have the AR level I put that in under grade level as well. More information can be put in, but with my library of books being quite large I've kept it to the bare minimum.
Today I spent a few hours scanning and still have about half to go. I'm hoping if nothing else, I can have a digital record of books...but I'm hoping after all the time this will be utilized as a checkout system. I'm also hoping that I can keep this system up with new books I acquire. I figured that changing rooms was a great time to reorganize my classroom library and get all of those books entered.

Is anyone else using a different app with similar or better results?

Now to the winners of my newest frame set. Thanks for all of the love ladies... I've picked 2 winners instead of just one :)

 Angela & Jen!!
Congratulations ladies Your frame packs will be in your email shortly!

Thank you to all for your compliments and pinning :)


  1. I bought this app as well, just haven't taken the time to use it yet. I plan to enlist some help before school starts up in the fall to help me scan the books. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it lets me know what to expect!

  2. I haven't bought this app...but I am thinking I might. I am in charge of our schools "literacy lab" which has oodles of books...and this would be a nice way to keep track. Thanks for the review!
    Mind Sparks

  3. HOw fun!!!!! I am so psyched! Thanks for picking my number, Christy! I can NOT wait to start using those cute frames!!!! YEA, me! YEA, Christy!

  4. I'm interested to see how this works. I just started using classroom book source at the end of the year and it has worked well so far but it is a pain when the books don't have a barcode. I hope this works out well for you because it is a lot of work to get all those books scanned! Keeping my fingers crossed for both of us:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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