Back to School Books & Stone Fox Winner

The Collaboration Cuties have their back to school themed mentor texts starting this week. {Crazy how summer flies so quickly!} I'm linking up a couple of books that I really enjoy for back to school time, although, the Collab Cuties have several great back-to-school products posted with their latest post so I'm thinking I will need to add a few more books to my back-to-school rotation!

The first book that I'm going to share I plan on reading with my class fairly early in the year. I plan on utilizing Jivey's Mentor Sentences and similar to Max collecting words, I want my students (and myself) to be a collector of great sentences. I think that this book will be a great spring board for those collections to take place.

Here is what Amazon has to say about Max's Words
Max’s brothers have grand collections that everyone makes a big fuss over. Benjamin collects stamps and Karl collects coins, and neither one will share with their little brother. So Max decides to start a collection of his own. He’s going to collect words. He starts with small words that he cuts out of newspapers and magazines, but soon his collection has spilled out into the hall. All the while, his brothers are watching. Benjamin brags that he has one thousand stamps. Karl is just a few coins short of five hundred. But a thousand stamps is really just a bunch of stamps, and a lot of coins is only a heap of money. A pile of words, however, can make a story. 
A wonderful story that draws children of all ages into the story.

I'm also sharing another story from a previous week: Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons. I think that this would be a wonderful story for the beginning of the year when talking about rules and expectations. Click on the picture to find out more.

Last, but not least.... thank you for all the pinning and great feedback on my Stone Fox unit. I'm pretty excited about it. I hadn't made anything quite this extensive for reading, it just sort of kept growing. I cannot wait to share this wonderful book with my students this year.

Congratulations to Amy! You'll be getting an email shortly!
This unit is on sale in my TPT store if any one else was eying it {starting tomorrow through the 4th}

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Wanting: We've been looking for a home to call ours for about a year now. Ugh. There is a house coming for sale in the beginning of July, but we may be able to get a sneak peak in July after harvest is over. After all the houses we've been to, offers that have fallen through, I'm ready to find "the one". 
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Nothing like showing up late the first time to a party... but I'm finally linking up with 5 for Friday!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I absolutely love wheat harvest. Long hours, heat and all, I love every last bit. Here are a couple of pictures of a field earlier this week before the combines came through.

My husband is an agronomist. Basically, he helps farmers to grow crops to their fullest potential: crop rotations, types of seeds, and treatments needed throughout the growing year. I helped him by baking several dozen cookies to share with farmers/customers of his.

Along with cookies, Tony was able to provide meals to some of the farmers. I was able to come along and snag a slice of pizza one night. So much fun to hang out with this group of farmers.

The lovely cookies above (one from scratch the other "semi-homemade") will be featured on next week's Eating, Drinking, and Linking, Oh My! This week my summer linky has really taken off. Each Monday, I post a recipe or two to share. The linky is left open all week, so join in the fun (and help my recipe rotation!) You can also recommend restaurants too :)

There has been some crazy weather here lately. Tuesday a strong wind came with a thunderstorm. Luckily, the hail stayed away from most of the fields. Unfortunately, the straight winds knocked the roof off of the barn out at Tony's grandmother's home. The barn was built in the 1930's.  I love old barns so I hate to see this one hurt in the storm.

Later in the week, storms to the east made the sky turn into a range of colors from orange to a weird cast yellow. At least it never turned green!

I've finally completed my Stone Fox Unit. (I'm so thankful for my wonderful editors!) 42 pages of resources to implement this book through novel studies or reading instruction. Lots of ideas to enhance your unit plans for grades 3-5.  You can find it in my TPT store or pin to win! Just pin a picture of the unit from here or my store and leave the url of your pin. I'll post a winner tomorrow.


Throw Back Thursday! {K-5 Freebies!}

I would like to welcome all of my new followers! This move to blog lovin' has been an exciting time. I've found so many great new blogs to follow too, it's just been terrific!

Today, I am participating in "Throwback Thursday" to highlight a popular post for those of you who might not have seen it. Last year I was a K-5 special education teacher. When Teaching Blog Addict had a freebie hop for their birthday that I participated with items that fit a variety of grade levels. This coming year I will be a general education ELA teacher in 4th grade, but don't be surprised if some primary posts get thrown into the mix. Enjoy!

 Happy Birthday Teaching Blog Addict-- Freebie Loaded Post from April 5, 2013

Teaching Blog Addict - Ultimate Freebie

I'm helping to celebrate Teaching Blog Addicts 2nd Birthday with a post full of my freebies to date. I am currently a K-5 special education teacher, so hopefully, no matter the grade level, you can find a freebie here to take! I've linked up to both TPT and TN so you can download from either one. Be sure to check back at TBA where hundreds of freebies are being posted in celebration!

Assessment sheets for alphabet
Download at TPT and TN

Game for short A and short A nonsense words game. If you'd like the rest of the vowel, I've got a pack for sale as well. 
Download on TPT or TN
I used this game during Valentine's Day for long and short nonsense words but they could be used any time of the year!
Download on TPT or TN 

A hidden numbers activity for numbers through 20.
Download on TPT or TN

Foldables for common prefixes and suffixes
Download on TPT or TN

Rounding coloring activity to the nearest 10,000. 
Download on TPT or TN 

QR book summary that could be used for students in grades 3-12. Fun activity and a different way to give a book report/summary.
Download on TPT or TN
4th grade Math Standards that can be printed on labels to place on folders or binders for organization.
Download on TPT or TN

4th grade Reading Standards that can be printed on labels to place on folders or binders for organization.
Download on TPT or TN 

4th grade reading standard shorthand that can be printed on labels to place on folders or binders for organization.
Download on TPT or TN 
4th grade math standard shorthand that can be printed on labels to place on folders or binders for organization.
Download on TPT or TN 

Hundreds of goodies are already linked up. Click the button at the top to see more.  Be sure to link up and help TBA celebrate!!


Again, so thankful for each and everyone of you! Thanks for bopping by!


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