TpT Seller Challenge: Dare to Dream

TpT for me is a creative outlet. The materials I make, are ones I use with my students. Each sale plays a part in creating more products {can we say font and clip art addict?} and adding a little cushion of savings for a family rainy-day fund. I'm grateful, not so much for sales {although those are nice, don't get me wrong}, but more for the friendships that have been forged through this TpT journey...mostly through this blog. For that alone, I am thankful for TpT.

This week's challenge is to dream big. I don't do TpT "full time" and with baby A, the draw to spend time {let alone having the time} is a little more of a stretch, so some of these goals may be goals for awhile. That's okay though, I'm enjoying the ride!

My #1 desire is to be a stay at home mom. Do I love to be in the classroom and work with kids? Yes. However, the last few months have been the absolute best. I can't believe how much my little girl is growing and changing each day. August is going to be rough. I hope that maybe in a year or two I can maybe accomplish this goal.

#2 is to save and share. We are fortunate to have very little as far as debt. We have a nice older ranch that we want to update, college funds to save for, and hopefully some family vacations along the way. We are a part of a great church, the youth group I grew up in has a special place in my heart, as well as a few other causes that are near and dear to us that we would like to give to more.

#3... probably not in this lifetime... but I absolutely LOVE "Fixer Upper" by Chip & Joanna Gaines. I think they and their crew could do wonders to our home. Or even skype some pointers. Something. It'd be a dream come true to have their help in our home.

So there you have it, the obtainable and not so obtainable, but that's what dreams are for, right? What are your dreams and aspirations with TpT or other business ventures?


TpT Seller Challenge: Make Over Madness!

There have been many blogging and TpT hiatuses over the last few months. I love being a mom, and baby A is worth the reprieve from the computer. However, the #TpTSellerChallenge taking over social media, may just be the kick in the rear jump start I needed to get things going again.

The first challenge is to make over something currently in your TpT store (to read more on the challenge and join in please read this post from The Peppy Zesty Teacherista). I first started in 2012-2013 during my first year of teaching. Boy have I not only come a long way in my teaching since then, but thankful, my design techniques have grown too.

I'm a wee bit ashamed to show you one of my most pinned items: Common Prefix & Suffix Flipbooks.

Scary isn't it? Back when I started freebies seemed to be more of an after thought. Why invest in them if they are free? Well, they are a great advertising opportunity and I missed out greatly over the years with this one. I'm surprised it's been pinned so well seeing as 1) there was no cover page, 2) no advertising to bring people back to my store for related products 3) worst of all-- Comic Sans was used in part of this product. Eeek. My font addicted heart cannot believe I had that in a product!


So much better!
1) A cover that goes with other related products on the same topic. Crisp & clean.
2) I have pictures and links going to related products.
3). Best of all---better and easier to read fonts!

To see it yourself and download.. please click here or on the picture.

The to-do list is long, and I'm not sure how fast baby girl will let me get to it all, but this is the first step in the right direction to giving things a bit of a facelift!

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