Some Pinteresting Ideas for MTSS/RTI

Jivey has switched things up this June with her Workshop Wednesday to a Pinterest showcase. This week I have a few different pins to share with you that I am wanting to use with my MTSS/RTI groups this year.

Although I worked with students last year who were fairly low on the phonics continuum (short/long vowels, r-controlled, etc.) There is talk around the building that we may periodically change up the groups we are working with. This will be done so that:
  1. All teachers can become familiar with the skills, know how to teach them all, and as teachable moments occur throughout different classes every teacher will know the best ways to do that.
  2. Everyone can realize the challenges that come with planning, teaching, and record keeping of our MTSS adventure. Whether working with students on phonics skills, fluency, multisyllablic words, or advanced vocabulary; each group holds it's own set of challenges. 
  3. New ideas and techniques can be tried, tweaked, etc.

Lisa, at Fourth and Ten had a great post on her fluency intervention centers. I'd like to incorporate centers similar to these (hopefully creating or at least updating the contents in them from time to time), at least once a week in my reading classes. The best way to increase fluency is with repeated readings. Throughout the day to day, trying to cover new materials, there doesn't always seem to be time for that. Having boxed up centers ready to go will help me to include fluency more often.

Source: via Christy on Pinterest

If you haven't been to this sight you NEED TO GO seriously. Free activities grades K-5 that correlate to the MTSS/RTI skills and CCSS. It's great. Free. Color coordinated (if you have color printing too.)

I love Ladybug's Teacher Files and her syllibication games look great as well as hit on a skill many of my students have not mastered yet.

There are few ideas for those of you who are implementing MTSS/RTI in the coming school year. I helped with an organization process for our building this summer. I'll try to blog about that adventure and some of the things will be implementing in the near future.


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  1. Yes, I love FCRR too!! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love using centers in my classroom. I've not done any related to fluency although this is an area that I'm reading about over break. Most of my centers deal with spelling and vocabulary development: synonyms, analogies, palindromes, anagrams, word puzzles... that sort of thing. I've been working on several to add to my TpT store this summer. Right now I'm off to check out the FCRR pin. Thanks for sharing!


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