Classroom 'App'lications: Interactive Notebook

Another month, another link-up for all the apps you use in the classroom. I'm excited to see how things go this year with this linky, I'm going to be doing more with technology this year and helping to support the 4th grade staff. I have a few ideas floating around, and I'm excited to try some new ideas out.

One such idea is for my ELA classes. I *LOVE* interactive notebooks. My students go back refering to them, they are engaged, and their learning is enhanced. Wonderful! However, as I used elements I didn't use the iPad much. My district is blessed to be 1:1 iPad, and I don't want this tool to sit and become a glorified paperweight. I want students to utilize this wonderful tool.

Over the last two years, I've come across many tried and true apps: some free, some paid. Together, my students and I, have used them to find ways to learn beyond a worksheet. We do some neat projects to showcase learning, but they get saved here and there, it's hard to access them at a later date.

Taking into consideration this tool, my student's love for interactive notebooks, and all the neat products my student's produce on the iPad I wanted to create something for them to use this coming year: an interactive notebook for the iPad.

{Here is where you will have to forgive me, it's not quite posted on TPT yet. *Hopefully* by Friday night. Too much end of the summer craziness and I want to add a couple of video tutorials before posting, but here is a taste. I hope you will stop by later to learn more!}

What you will find in this labor of love:

  • Over 40 graphic organizers for each of the 4th grade Common Core Literacy Standards. Easy to print and use paper and pencil. However, with an iPad and the help of a few apps, you can transform these images into something truly interactive.
Not every graphic organizer has lines for typing or writing. Many have a blank area for pictures and videos to be placed from camera roll.
  • A list of tried and true apps to get you started. As well as additional apps that you can use with a brief idea for its use connect to the Common Core Standards. 
  •  Written narratives, screenshots, or links to use the main apps of the notebook. These give you a basic tutorial in the app use. However, I strongly suggest just playing with the apps (and giving your student's a chance to explore them maybe with a simple task. Believe me, if you don't figure out all the in's and out's of an app, your students will!)
  •  An example of what the interactive notebook could look like for you and your students.

I'm very excited to use this notebook this school year. Not everything we do will be completed on the iPad, but the iPad's won't sit on the sideline as often either. If you don't have 1:1 iPads I still think that this could be helpful for small groups, a partner assignment, or a way to document your class' learning throughout the year.

Whether you are part of an iPad school or Chromebook school. It doesn't matter if you have one machine or a class set of machines. Please link up your favorite apps and how you use them in the classroom!

To see even more ideas, please click the tab at the top Classroom 'App'lications. Ideas linked up each month are collected there!


Last Eating, Drinking, & Linking for the Summer

A little under the weather yesterday, and back to school prep, my poor little linky is a little late. My goal is to get all of the recipes that have been linked up this summer added to my Pinterest board for this link up. I'm surprised at how much traffic was driven to my blog from a few recipe shares; I hope this does the same for many of you!

The hubs and I just got back from Sheboygan, Wisconsin this last week. A work trip for him, family friendly, with time for us to explore a bit. So I thought I'd share a couple of the restaurants we tried. This has been one summer full of travel, so I actually have place to recommend, not just recipes this go around. Kind of fun to know of new places to try when out and about!

Before we made it to Sheboygan, we stopped in Madison to meet up with a friend from college. He took us to The Old Fashioned. It was on the capitol square and a fun place to grab a bite to eat. Best parts of my meal were the shoestring onions and deep fried cheese curds.

Once in Sheboygan, we tried out a couple of places. The first was Il Ritrovo Pizza. Certified from Italy. Wood fire. Delicious. The Wisconsin made root beer was really good too!

The second place we ventured out to was Rupps Downtown. Hands down the best loaded baked potato I've ever had. Maybe it was the Wisconsin cheese.

Overall a really fun and tasty trip!

One special stop on the way up was to see a good friend and blogging buddy, Diane from Fifth in the Middle. Tony and I really enjoyed breakfast with her and her family. If you haven't bopped by her blog before you should. She is celebrating two years and 2,000 followers with a fabulous giveaway check it out here!

I know it's delayed, but if you have any end of the summer eats or treats, recipes or restaurant recommendations to share, please link up!


Monday Made: Home Projects

Hello from Sheboygan, WI! Amidst all of our travels, we've had some spotty wifi (even in hotel rooms) so my post is a little on the late side. However, in between our trips to Vegas and here, we had a busy 4 days prepping our home for several projects. Only one more room to go before school starts, and I'll be happy with the progress with our home to-dos!

New carpet!

What a process! We decided to pull all of the carpet ourselves to save a bit on cost. Taking up the carpet went relatively quick. However, the padding was so old it left a sticky residue on most of the sub-flooring. As a result, I spent 3 hours one day picking out padding that was left in staples while the hubs was at work.

We spent a coupe of evenings adding more screws to the floor joists to take out some of the squeaks; the results are better than before, but not perfect. Having matching carpet that isn't blue or red is perfect for our home though! Well worth the work 1,400 sq. foot of work! Here's a look at the hallway and our room.


Facelift for trim. 

In our home, the previous homeowners painted the majority of the wood trim. I'm partial to wood myself, but we wanted to recover the white, and paint over the wide variety of colors throughout the house while we had the carpet pulled up. Not to mention, the scuff marks and wear and tear.

Everywhere that had been painted in the past is now painted white. While the trim is a bit dated where it is wood, it's liveable for now, and someday we will probably end up replacing it all.

Paneling Up-Do!

The last bedroom with paneling was ALL paneling. A neat pattern, but really dark for such a small room. Add in the black trim, and it made the room small and dark.

While the carpet was pulled up, we attacked the walls with an off white called Mother of Pearl instead of a bright white like the other paneling we painted earlier. The trim went from black to white. The end result is much brighter and better! 

Although the views in Wisconsin during the summer are fantastic, I cannot wait to get back home and enjoy all of our hard work. (We had to leave as soon as the carpet was installed and the furniture moved back.)
Be sure to check out more home and school DIYs with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics!


Eating Drinking & Linking

Our home has been all sorts of inside out and turned over doing some home improvement this week. I hope to share more about that for Monday Made It. It's been a crazy 5 days trying to get everything done before heading out and about again.

This past winter, I made up some cinnamon rolls during winter break. They made for a great gift to several neighbors. Another pioneer woman recipe, so I'll just share a few pictures of the goodness and leave links to her recipe below.

A word of warning. These are delicious and they make a ton of cinnamon rolls! So good!

 The end result was sooo good!

 It was a little messy to begin with...
 But, the rolls did come together, and baked up well

 So much ooey-gooey-goodness!

So what have you been eating lately? Any good recipes to share or restaurant recommendations? Please link up! :)


Eating, Drinking, & Linking: Vegas Edition

The TpT Conference and blogger meet ups were so much fun this past week. I hope to blog about them more soon. Sorry for the delay with this week's linky. We got back to Kansas in the late afternoon and after a few stops it was way past time for bed. Yesterday was full of meetings, working in the classroom, and coming home to move furniture so we can start to pull up carpet. I won't promise to have super on-time posts this week, but I will try to share when I can!

I thought I would take more pictures of the food we ate while in Vegas. Neither my husband, or I, had ever been there before: a gazillion and one options for food. But then we we went on a date night, and everything else failed horribly in comparison.

The place we ate was the Stratosphere. A revolving restaurant with a bird's eye view of the strip and parts of the city. It takes about an hour and a half to go all the way around. The food is expensive, compared to what we are used to paying, but worth every last cent!

Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road
 The first restaurant I've been to that warned that skyjumpers may pass by during dinner. We saw several as we dined. 

Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road
 My handsome date for the night :)

Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road

What this post is really about.. the food. I ordered an astralian wagyu steak with a compound butter on top. Absolutely amazing. One of the best steaks I've ever had (and I live in prime beef country.) The scalloped potatoes were hands down the best I've ever had. I kind of wrote them off (I think it's because my husband, when we were dating, would eat the boxed kind all the time, and fix them for me during date night. No comparison. In the background, you can see my husband's twice-baked potato. They say that the sides are worth sharing and they weren't kidding!

Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road

Dessert was amazing too. Layer upon layer of chocolate. Is there any other way? Our waitress was so much fun. We told her it was our first trip to Vegas and she chatted with us throughout the evening, and even added a candle to our dessert to make it just that much more special. 

 It was great to watch the city change from evening into night. The views were fabulous!

Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road

Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road

Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road
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 I even ran into Amanda, from Collaboration Cuties. She's just as sweet (if not sweeter) in real life as she is online!

The Stratosphere was worth the extra little bit. One of our favorite memories from the trip, and an experience we truly enjoyed. A place I would definitely recommend if you go to Las Vegas!

What recipes have you tried lately, what restaurants would you recommend? Be sure to link up!