Geome-tree (i.e. Geometry)

I have a fond appreciation for corny jokes and play-on-words. Just ask my husband. In graduate school, his project dealt with corn. I would give him an ear-full of corny jokes, until he would get fed up and tell me to can it.

But... enough of that!

I saw a Christmas tree on Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes and since we aren't quite to that wonderful time of the year (although Walmart would beg to differ I'm sure) I put a slightly different spin on things in my classroom, but with the same basic idea.

So here she is, in all of her fall glory... our Geome-tree!

Students created leaves that show cased their knowledge. Some leaves have definitions and drawings of various geometric terms. Other leaves are cut out into the shape of various 2D shapes.

Happy Fall!

Mrs. Whitehair


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