TpT Sale Wishlist Linky!

Hello, friends! I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and you were able to keep your sanity on Black Friday! The hubs and I finished up our Christmas shopping, but we didn't venture out until about 9 am. Sleeping in, still finding fabulous deals and getting to sleep in.... that's what I call a win!!

Maybe by now you've heard of the upcoming TPT sitewide sale...
...but have you entered to win one of the five $25 TPT gift cards yet? Today is the last day to enter. If you win, that extra cash will come to your inbox just in time for the sale! Click the image below to enter if you haven't already... winners will be announced tomorrow! If you haven't checked out some of these teacher authors you need to! I know I frequent their blogs and stores for ideas and resources for my room!

Now, let's get down to business! What is on your wishlist? I love seeing what other people are buying for their classroom. As if I need any other excuse to buy products from TPT...

Feel free to grab the banners and link up, too! Share two items that everyone has on their wish list from your store and one item that you have on your own wish list that you'll buy during the sale.
The number one thing people have wish listed from my store is my Differentiated 4th Grade Place Value Centers. There are 6 centers with differentiated games to reinforce what your students are learning about place value!

The second most wish listed item is my iPad Interactive Notebook! There are graphic organizers for each of the literacy standards. Videos, tutorials, and app suggestions are included. However, you can also print and use the graphic organizers as well (though not quite as interactive as using the iPad to enhance them.)

I like to try and make my ELA writing projects a little on the holiday-themed side this time of year. I think it helps to keep my kiddos engaged (as if they are not already thinking about the holiday season!) The Gingerbread ELA Mini Unit from Pinkadots Elementary looked perfect! A nonfiction text paired with comprehension questions, research opportunities, and graphic organizers. Looked like a pretty sweet deal to me!

What do you have on your wish list? Be sure to link up, I'm always curious to see what others are buying so I can load up my car even more!


Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to drop in to say I hope that you and your families are enjoying a season of rest and thankfulness. We are counting many blessings this year in our home including our faith, family, friends, and health.

I am also truly thankful for YOU! I'm thankful for so many friendships, the depth of knowledge, and wealth of ideas brought on by this blogging and teaching community.

May you have a truly blessed day (and an abundance of good deals if your a black Friday shopper!)


Way Back Wednesday

Have I mentioned that I haven't been the best blogger lately? This school year has been a bit different than the last couple of years and blogging has taken to the back burner a bit for me. We started a new curriculum Journeys and it's taken awhile to get used you. I'm going to try and update you all on the goings on in my classroom over the next couple of weeks.

For "way back Wednesday" how about going all the way back to the beginning of the school year?

Here is a peak into my room. Same color scheme as last year with a slight change in furniture placement. *Hopefully* a year from this December our *new* building will be complete and I'll redecorate then. For now though, it works!

A look from the front of the room. 
 My desk space. 

 Bookshelf love. All separated and organized by genre. 

I cannot claim this wonderful idea. I found it on Instagram. As soon as I can remember the account I'll let you know... or if it was you, please holler!

 My goofy group. They are fabulous! 

Thanks to my friend Jivey, I learned of "Saving Fred" last year. It's still my favorite team building activity at the beginning of the year. 

More to come! I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!


Need Some Extra TPT Cash?

We are so excited for the holiday season that we couldn't help but spread some love! Lots of your favorite TPT Teacher-Authors and I have teamed up to give YOU some TPT spending money. We love you and appreciate you (and we wish we could give all of our fabulous followers some money)!

Enter the Rafflecopter below by simply following our TPT stores, and you will have a chance to win one of five $25 TPT gift cards! Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Blogging Hiatus is Over & An Adoption Story

I can't believe that I've went almost a third of the year without blogging. A few things have come up this school year and I've just needed to step away from the computer a bit, I'll touch on things more in a later post, there is something too important to share today.

A little over 25 years ago, my life greatly changed. At two weeks of age, I was welcomed into the loving arms of a couple who had tried for many years to conceive, but had been unable to. Adopted into a family that has never treated as anything but their own flesh and blood. A family who loves and cares for me greatly and who has given me all the support that they possibly could. I am forever grateful for their love and unwavering support.

I cannot imagine what it would be like to bond with a baby for 9 months and then, due to life's circumstances, choose to give my child up. I cannot imagine the pain of coming to realize that I could not take care of my child in the way that someone else could. Coming to this realization and being able to act upon it by giving a priceless gift to someone else, is the ultimate show of love in my humble opinion.

I am truly grateful, knowing some of the circumstances around my birth, that my biological mother chose adoption as opposed to terminating her pregnancy. Having a child was not suppose to happen, there was no way for this woman to raise a child, and she chose the best possible option.

One of my blogging buddies, Nick & his wife, are seeking to adopt. I was more than happy to come together with other bloggers to help raise funds for the adoption fees. Although, a truly wonderful and beautiful thing, adoption is costly. Being able to donate proceeds to a cause so near & dear to my heart, has been wonderful. Be sure to check out this bundle, only a few days left, and help support this growing family too. If purchasing a bundle isn't feasible for you, shoot up some prayers, good vibes, or crossed fingers for a smooth (and quick) process would be appreciated too.