The Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener

Guess what I just got in the mail... a brand new pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies!

I quickly took the sharpener out of the box and admired it, I loved the retro look!  Luckily, I'd heard it was a little different from ordinary pencil sharpeners to use, so I'm glad I watched this video.

I proceeded to find a few pencils that needed sharpening, and got to business!  For each pencil, one needs to pull out the metal plate in front.  This eases its way back into place as the pencil is sharpened.  When putting the pencil into the sharpener, one needs to pinch the two black pieces together.  This holds the pencil in place, which is a good thing because one hand is needed to grind, and the other hand is needed to hold the sharpener in place.  The hand grinder is easy to turn, and I expect the children will have no problem with it, once they get the hang of it.
Then I proceeded to sharpen every pencil I could find in the house... they all came out perfect!  It doesn't break the lead, or sharpen unevenly.  Plus, it's kinda fun!  
There are several things I really love about this sharpener:
  1. It makes a really sharp point!  The kids won't need to keep coming back, since this will keep them busy for quite a while!
  2. It doesn't let you "over sharpen"!  The sharpening mechanism stops when the point is at the correct length.
  3. As far as sharpeners go, it's very quiet.  It's not silent, so you'll be disappointed if that's what you expect, but it's much quieter than those electric pencil sharpeners that sound like a dentist's drill! (I can't help but hold my jaw when I hear the electric pencil sharpener grinding away!)
  4. The tray for shavings is very easy to empty and return to its place.

I definitely recommend going to Classroom Friendly Supplies and check out the sharpeners.  I suspect this will last a long time!

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