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I'm linking up with my friend Jivey for her month-long Pinterest party for Workshop Wednesday!

This Monday, I was able to set foot in my new classroom. I am beyond excited for all next year has in store. I haven't made much progress yet, in fact, my room still look like these photos.

The boxes on this side of the room are my supplies. Most of the boxes towards the corner just have books for my classroom library.
Everything else is tons, and tons of resources left by the retired teacher!
I'm helping to gather and organize phonics materials for our MTSS tier times (RTI is the acronym most of the rest of the world uses).  Hopefully, this project will come to a close on Friday, and after that I can get to many Pinterest projects and recreations of so many amazing Monday Made It's... and make my classroom worthy of sharing with you all :)

Back to Pinterest...since finding out about my switch to 4th grade ELA I've been busy pinning away so many great ideas (that come from stellar bloggers like all of you!)

First up, I'm wanting to talk about theme throughout the year from the start. Comparing and contrasting the themes of various types of literature. These posters that are added to throughout the year and good visual reminder.


Writing about small moments in time, the "snap shot" rather than the "movie" movements (or seed rather than the whole watermelon) is one lesson idea I like. I saw this pin and it solidifies that this lesson will happen.

It's driving me crazy that I can get my embeded pins and sources to align where I want so I'll have to save more pin sharing until next week. Or you can check out all of my Pinterest boards and all the pins I've collected through my addiction to professional development through the site, by clicking on the Pinterest symbol on the sidebar.

While your on Pinterest, you should look up a recipe to share. Each Monday this summer I'm holding a recipe exchange of sorts. The linky is open all week long and you can share a family favorite, something from Pinterest you've been wanting to try, or even a restaurant recommendation. No need to have step by step pictures (but if you do, that's great too). I'm grateful to all who have linked up so far, and I'm looking forward to trying more recipes that have been shared throughout the summer and spice up my recipe rotations throughout the school year.


  1. Amazing room! I am jealous:). What a space to work with!

  2. Wow! I love the space! I would love to have a room like that. Enjoy planning it all out. That's great!
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  3. I'm so excited you'll be doing 4th!! :) I love your pins- I did those theme posters from the beginning as well (they originally came from Beth Newingham I think) and I printed mini book covers of the books we finished to tape onto each matching theme. It was a good way to keep reviewing it!
    ideas by jivey
    Follow Me On Facebook! :)

  4. I love that you are doing a recipe exchange. It gives me a chance to break from all the teacher pinning, blogging, and planning. I just found a recipe that looks divine (aka chocolate)! It has ice cream, caramel, candy bar pieces, and whipped cream. I'll have to find that and share it.


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