New Beginnings

In social media, it's truly been forever and a day since I've last posted. I can barely remember December 2015-- no posts all of 2016 and half of 2017-- crazy!

Quick update: I now have two little girls, ages two and one (they are the major reasons behind the blogging hiatus-- but I love being their mommy, so it's been worth it), and I continued to teach 4th grade ELA/4th grade tech. integration coach until the end of this school year.

Next year there will be a change at school, so I thought, what better time to get back to blogging? {A new blog update from the amazing Megan at Bird in Hand Designs definitely helped me get into the spirit of things too!}

Starting August 2017, I will be back to Special Education. This is where I started my career, and I've always had a feeling that I'd be back. This go around, I will be in one building only, and just covering 5th grade. I'm excited to continue working in the same building, with staff I adore, and back to this area of education.

What will you find here now? Here are a few things to watch out for:

I will be co-teaching in fifth grade general education ELA and mathematics classes. You'll find lesson ideas for math, reading and writing. I will also be working with students in the special education classroom working at various academic levels across all content areas. You'll find ideas for working in the special education setting, working with paraprofessionals, co-teaching, etc.

Every year, {I'll be starting my sixth-year... say what!?} I pick up ideas to try and implement. Some work better than others, some work with one group of students, but not the next... but it's always good to have a full bag of ideas to draw from! Partnering with veteran teachers (and paras!), I'm sure I'll be scooping up even more ideas to share.

We've been blessed by two girls who love to eat. {Seriously, these girls out eat me some days! Even with veggies!!} I made the resolution to try 52 new recipes this year {no more recipes in Pinterest purgatory!} some of which might make an appearance here. I'm all for simple meal ideas during the work week. Plus, I'll be doing some cooking in the classroom with my students and I'm super excited about that!

I'm excited for this new beginning and to dive back into the blogosphere!