Spring Fever!

Today was a glorious day outside. Seventy-five degrees. Great weather for a day off!

Aside from a little spring cleaning, I played with the dogs a bit, and even enjoyed a little pinning from the comfort of the back porch. A night with the hubby with an ice cream date planned later in the evening. It's going to be a great way to end Good Friday. The weather looks to be a little more springy, I hope it stays nice for all of Easter. It'll be much more pleasant for all of the family festivities if it does! :)

Onward to more springy things. Last night I posted my new ELA centers and I'm doing a random number draw to see who the winner is.... and here are the results:

My husband did the honors of clicking "generate" for me. So you can blame him if you didn't win. :) Congrats to Diane from Fifth in the Middle she's the winner of the centers!

If you would still like a copy be sure to check out TPT, these centers might possibly be one of the centers on sale. You'll have to hunt up all the deals starting tonight!

The last few hours on my 100 followers give away are currently happening too, so if you'd like a chance to win a bunch of items, be sure to click the picture and then check back tomorrow to see who as won!


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