First Wedding Anniversary & Mentor Text Linky

I love Sundays for the Collaboration Cuties mentor text linky... and if you'd like to read about that scroll downward. This next bit is nothing teacher related, so if you don't want to read about it I understand. :)

A year ago today I married my best. My wedding day has been the best day of my life, so far. We were engaged forever (599 days!) Time seemed to drag until we were able to say "I do", but this last year has flown by. I guess time really does fly when your having fun!

 We had a problem with our decoration plan. This didn't come to light until 10 days before the wedding. Luckily, wheat harvest was early last year and we were able to incorporate wheat in many aspects of our wedding. 

 Song of Solomon 3:4 "I have found the one my heart loves." 

 I am an only child, and "daddy's girl". Tony & I had a traditional wedding, so I had my first look with my Dad before the wedding took place. I love the photos from this moment.
I usually just wear  boots. But I survived in 3 in heels for the day. (Joanne, I have no idea how you teach in heels everyday!)

 More wheat. I was digging wheat out of my hair for awhile that night!

 I love this man so much! 

 One of my favorite pictures of the day!

We've had a wonderful weekend spending time with each other and celebrating. Complete with some off-road adventuring through the flint hills this afternoon. I love Tony so much; I'm looking forward to all of the adventures God has in store for us for years to come :)

*All photos taken by the AMAZING Laura Foote from Captured in His Image photography. She will be relocating to Florida. So if you are looking for an amazing photographer or want to seem more of her amazing work please visit her webite!!* {Truly a sweet, lovely lady with God-given talent!}

Back to more teacher related things: Mentor Text Linky!!

This is a wonderful book that sums up some of life's lessons in a sweet way through making and eating cookies.

The book starts with: COOPERATE means, How about you add the chips while I stir? and continues with one definition per page. Definitions continue throughout each page with beautiful illustrations. Other definitions include: REGRET means, I really wish I didn't eat so many cookies; and CONTENT means sitting on the steps just you, me, and a couple of cookies.

Using cookies or another shared activity, this book could be used as an example for students to create their own life-lessons learned through a fun medium. A great way to start the year! 

Lastly, tomorrow I'm starting a recipe exchange of sorts. If there is a recipe you love, one you've tried (or want to try) from Pinterest or a great restaurant you'd like to recommend please link up.

I fully intend on participating with Monday Made It throughout the summer too... and I figure "making" good eats, treats and drinks kinda jives with that theme if your wanting to link up with both posts :)


  1. What a sweet post!
    I *LOVE* the kissy picture in front of the field - so cute!
    My hubby and I are celebrating our anniversary this week too! (Our 2nd!) I cannot wait to celebrate with a fun getaway in Manhattan.
    Life is so much easier to tackle with your best friend by your side, isn't it? :)

    Joy in the Journey

  2. Congrats on your first anniversary! Thanks for sharing this mentor text, as it looks like one I need to get...

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary! As a former Kansan, I liked the wheat and rings picture, too.

    Another reason I love Sundays. Reminders of books I've seen, wanted to buy, but don't own yet. Thank goodness for Pinterest! They can keep track of them for me.


  4. sweet! Thanks for sharing your beautiful wedding pictures:)

  5. Happy Anniversary! I love the picture with your wedding rings! I've never seen that!

    I have never heard of this book! It sounds awesome and a great book to start the school year with!

    I will try to link up a recipe, but I may not have one on tomorrow. Can I link up late?

    Collaboration Cuties

  6. Girl, you know if it has to do with cooking I'll be there. Glad you had a great anniversary!!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  7. Happy Anniversary Christy! What beautiful photos! Thanks for recognizing my pain I go through each day with my heels! haha "Fashion hurts!"

    That book looks so cute and perfect for the beginning of the year!

    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  8. Thanks for sharing- I haven't heard of this book! It looks great for community building and character lessons.
    Congrats on your anniversary! Gorgeous photos :)
    Glad I found you through the linky! I'll be following...
    Creating a Thoughtful Classroom

  9. Happy Anniversary! Today is my anniversary as well! 13 years and let me tell you it zooms by! Make the most of everyday because you will blink and wonder where the time went! PS...must have been a very special day because I still think of it as one of the best days of my life so far too. ;)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners


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