Mentor Text for Back To School

It's another rainy day. The perfect setting for curling up with a blanket and a good book. Which makes it the perfect day to link up with my friends at Collaboration Cuties for their mentor text linky.

So awhile back, I talked about "Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons" as a mentor text for back to school. I love the way the book makes vocabulary, such as fair, polite, modest, cooperate, and many others, and makes the words understandable by using the process of making and eating cookies the descriptors for the words. One page reads, "Cooperate means, how about you add the chips while I stir?"

It's a cute book. Simple text structure. A great book for the beginning of the year. I want to incorporate the book at the beginning of the school year, so I made up a few activities to go along with it. I'm hoping that I can use most of the pack, but I'm not quite sure how the schedule will work the first couple of days. I'm hoping for enough homeroom time to be able to utilize this book.

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This book opens up the door to talking about classroom expectations, rules. In this pack there are activities that can become part of a bulletin board, a collaborative classroom book, and even a couple of recipes for cookie dips to start the year with a sweet treat. I've been told that dollar tree even has some cookies that would make for great bulletin board decorations, so I may have to make a stop there soon!

Wishing everyone a "sweet" back to school start!

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  1. I love the positive character traits that are illustrated in this book. I also read it at the beginning of the year. I will check out the activities you made. Thank you!

    I love your blog. I have a special education background as well (15 years). I am now teaching fourth grade. I am your latest follower.



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