Math Mentor Text: Multiplying Menace

Hello all!

I've been missing you all so much! Back home internet access is next to none. I've tried to catch up from time to time on blogs and returning emails, but I'm trying not to use too much data as well. However, tonight, my Dad and I are staying in a hotel so I have a bit of internet time before a glorious 4:30 wake up call to get Dad in for his knee replacement.

I'm not much of a morning person, but I am very glad to be able to join some of my blogging buddies for their mentor text linky!

The gals from the Collaboration Cuties have a wonderful linky, if you haven't taken the time to check out this weekly feat you should. If your afraid of the repercussions to your bank account, take a deep breath, and check out this linky anyway!

From my friends at Amazon:

It's been 10 years since the queen defeated Rumpelstiltskin by speaking his name, but now he's back to demand repayment for all of the gold he spun for her so many years ago. If she does not oblige, he threatens to increase the pest population and make the kingdom's livestock and other assets disappear by multiplying with fractions. Rumpelstiltskin multiplies the king's nose by six and vows to do the same for the entire royal court, unless Peter, the queen's 10-year-old son, agrees to go with him to work off the debt. It's up to the young prince to take possession of the man's magical multiplying stick and learn how to use it in order to restore normalcy to the kingdom. Calvert has created an interesting vehicle for teaching children about the differences between multiplying with whole numbers and multiplying with fractions.
A fun spin on a traditional character with math in the mix.

What math themed books do you like to use, be sure to link up!


  1. This looks really cute!!! My Amazon bill this month is going to be ridiculous! I am going to have to prioritize for sure!! :O)

    Thanks for linking up! Saying a prayer for your dad's surgery!!
    Collaboration Cuties

  2. This is one of my favorites! I just started a weekly Monday feature on math literature. I will have to link up with Collaboration Cuties! This book is such a good way to show kids how multiplying by a fraction makes things smaller!

    Thanks for sharing
    The Math Maniac


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