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It's been a lazy, rainy afternoon in the Whitehair household. My to-do list has been a mile long for awhile now, but the weather today made for the perfect accompaniment to a movie afternoon with the hubby, so that's what we did. Now I'm off to try to knock a few things off that list, but not before linking up with Amanda & Stacia for their mentor text linky! {It's Amanda's birthday too, so be sure to head to their blog and leave her some birthday love!}

A quick blip, from my friends at Amazon:
Clover's mom says it isn't safe to cross the fence that segregates their African-American side of town from the white side where Anna lives. But the two girls strike up a friendship, and get around the grown-ups' rules by sitting on top of the fence together.
It's a simple, but powerful story, that opens the door to talking about civil rights and racism.

This last year, one teacher I co-taught with introduced me to WritingFix a website full of great lesson ideas, a few of which we used/tweaked to switch things up. Today, as I was wracking my brain for a book to share, I stumbled upon another part of this website: HistoryFix.

A sister site to WritingFix, HistoryFix combines history topics with potential writing prompts. Almost 30 book and lessons are currently posted. Worth a look during plan times :)The Other Side is included in one of the lesson ideas and can be found here.


  1. I love The Other Side, such a powerful book. I use the Writing Fix, but have never heard of History Fix. Thanks for sharing! Hope you enjoyed your lazy Sunday. I know I've enjoyed mine!

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  2. I have never read this book but I have heard that it is really powerful! I have never heard of writing fix or history fix so I will definitely have to check those out as well!

    I'm glad you had a restful day! Thanks for the birthday love!
    Collaboration Cuties

  3. That is a greater book. Thanks for the tip on the website, definitely going to spend more time checking it out.


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