Don't Get Scared! Freebie!

It's a snowday!! I'm so excited, the flu has been going around and I think everyone needed a day to rest up, heal up, or just stay healthy.  The moisture is desperately needed too!

Back to school life... MTSS is going well, but it's very repetitious. So I'm spicing things up just a bit.

They are pretty scarey, aren't they? :)
Enter... "Don't Get Scared". My fifth graders really weren't scared of the cute monsters in this game.. but the monsters made things a little more cheerful and fun! Them game is similar to the popsicle stick game BANG that I've seen around Pinterest using the short vowel words that we are working on currently. I enjoyed the movie "Monsters Inc." and used that as an inspiration in this game.

Since we used the Quick Phonics Screener (QPS) to sort the students into groups, we were able to see the students "word attack" skills through the use of nonsense words. Our district hasn't taught nonsense words per say, but I did throw in nonsense cards to use with this game. I've touched on nonsense words more during MTSS as the kids told me it they look like another language and they just don't get it. Why would we want them to read stuff that wasn't real? After explaining why, and going over the short vowel patterns again, I think they are getting it.

To see what this game is like you can click the picture above for the Short A freebie

Or to purchase the whole bundle, or to just check it out, click the picture above.

*Note.. this game is strictly three letter CVC words. I'm working on creating one that has more difficult CVC pattern words for my current MTSS group.*

What games or activities do you with your kiddos to reinforce short vowels? I'd love to hear your ideas to keep our MTSS/RTI time engaging. 

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