Multiplication Madness! Freebie & Sale Through Sunday!

Maybe it's started as a way to alleviate planning, a day to catch student's up if they were absent or just needed a little boost, but since the beginning of the school year, almost every Friday has become "game day" in my small group math class.

During the week, or even on some Fridays, I've introduced games to help solidify concepts. I absolutely LOVE anything by Donna at Math Coach's Corner. I use this Fridays as a way to review concepts from the beginning of the year and to reinforce what we are currently learning. Before break, we worked very hard to learn our basic multiplication facts. Now with break come and gone, we're a bit rusty, but that's the nature of the beast when your working with students with learning disabilities. We review, review, review, and things usually begin to stick.

This coming Friday, we are going to have something new to add to our Friday centers: Multiplication Madness! This is my first product I've ever created (other than a work sheet or CBM)... and the first thing that I am posting to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. I've benefited so much from the TPT community that I decided to step out of my comfort zone and share with others!

Introducing: Multiplication Madness: Supplementary & Review Materials for Basic Multiplication Facts. 

This packet includes: 
  •  An activity to compare products with a given number
  • Math "Hide-n-Seek" that is differentiated, with all facts 0-9
  • Multiple versions of "Bump" including multiplying from 2-9
  •  The total packet is 72 pages.  
      Click the picture above to be taken to my TPT store. If you download the preview, you'll get a FREE copy of the original BUMP game. 
    Since it's my first product, it's currently 1/2 off, for $1.50 through this Sunday, January 18th. The first person to comment and leave an email address will get a copy of this for free! :)

    I'm looking forward to using this with my students to review. I hope that it can be of use to some of you as well!


    1. Just discovered your cute blog and am your newest follower! Looks like you have to teach a variety of different skills/levels. Multiplication is coming up for us...wish us luck!

      tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

    2. Well, thank you for taking the time to look around, I'm sending you this packet now, I hope that you and your students enjoy it! Best of luck to you all :)


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