A Little Celebration Freebie

Happy New Year! What a great year 2012 has been, I'm truly looking forward to 2013.

My humble little blog has been around since August and overnight, I have climbed to just over 1,000 views. I know several are due to the linky parties I've participated in, but still it's kind of fun to see that there are people bopping by.

In honor of that, I'm revamping a New Years activity that I used last year during student teaching. I started off my first day with a getting to know you activity. I saw a great New Years Resolution collection sheet at {30 Days} since my student teaching placement started just days after the new year, I thought a similar activity would be a great way to start. With my student teaching placement being on a military base, I tweaked the activity a bit so I could learn a few more specific things about my students, as well as avoid a possible trouble spot in asking about the hardest part of the year (with so many parents/guardians deployed, I didn't want to bring up that topic on my first day). Now, I'm tweaking it a bit more to ring in the New Year. If you would like a copy of this little New Years/ Ice Breaker activity, please click here.

I hope you enjoy this little activity and all the newness, celebrations, and wonder that a New Year can bring!

I just saw that Sunny Days in 2nd Grade is having her first Show and Tell Tuesday with New Years activities, so I'm linking up to that too. Be sure to check out all of the other links, there are several great ideas and activities for the start of 2013!


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    1. AH! I saw your comment from the comment page on my phone. When I tried to click the page link, I accidentally hit delete content :( Thank you for the compliment and I am looking forward to your show & tell series, and I hope to join in with a few more!


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