Stepping Out of my Comfort Zone--Freebie!

Step 1: Create a blog. (check)
Step 2: Create items I use in my classroom. (check)
Step 3: Think about posting items to Teachers Pay Teachers. (check)
Steps 4-9: Worry that what I have won't be useful/creative/that good... just be super anxious.
Step 10: Take a deep breath, step out of my comfort zone, and dive on in.

Seriously though. This TPT venture has been nerve wracking for me. I am in awe of so many teachers out there, even more so since my occasional addiction to reading reading teacher blogs developed. Then there was Pinterest, following more teachers, organizing and pinning so many ideas....what a great experience my first year of teaching has been, and I have so many people to thank. As a way to begin to thank you all and to give back, I finally got the resolve to create and share my own resources. {Can I just say, it's a bit addicting too!}

My first TPT offering is a freebie. Nothing too fun, but useful for me, and I hope some others out there too! One of my kiddos is working on learning all the letters of the alphabet, and as a subset of that, distinguish consonants and vowels. I don't get to work with this kiddo often, and I try to make the most of the time I have to work with him.

I created some warmup/assessment sheets to help me get him into the groove of working {he enjoys showing off his skills} and to use as an assessment to see where he is at on achieving his goals as well.

What You Get in the 23 page packet:
*Title Page
*Lowercase key (left to right)
*6 lowercase pages filled in left to right
*Lowercase key (up and down)
*3 lowercase pages filled in up and down
*Uppercase key (left to right)
*4 uppercase pages filled in left to right
*Uppercase key (up and down)
*3 uppercase pages filled in up and down
*1 blank fill in chart

If you think it'd be something you could use, please click on the picture above to download! If it helps you out {or if you notice something is amiss} please let me know! 

Whew, stepping out of my comfort zone wasn't so bad once I finally took the first step. I'm looking forward to creating and sharing more!

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