Grad Classes, Evaluations, & State Testing, Oh My!

I'm lucky to be able to continue on into graduate school with one of my good friends. Unfortunately we are cray---to the--zee! For whatever reason, we decided that taking not one, but two classes this semester would be a good idea. I don't know what we were thinking, just looking at the syllabi was depressing. It's become even more depressing as I just finished reading hours worth of textbooks. Gulp. I need a little more Eric Carle in my life and a little less collegiate text.   It'll be worth it in the end, but as I glance at my calendar that never ceases to become filled.... I just wonder where I'll find the time to do that much more.

I have a spontaneous pop-in for my induction program coming soon. Puts me on edge a bit. I like planning everything down to the last detail for observations.. for an unscheduled one I don't feel like I can prepare well enough everyday. I know I do well, teaching kids every day of the week. I just like to have something extra for an observer to see. Stressed. Another evaluation for the COOP is coming soon to. Thank goodness that one will have to be on the docks!

State testing is gearing up around the corner. Although scores won't technically count, it's still there and nobody wants there kiddos to do bad.. including me. So that nasty list of things that we still need to cover, or go over again just never seems to dwindle. Sigh.

I've been playing around, trying to make a math unit for our Friday centers that'll be a little more adapted to what my kiddos are working on/ needing review on, but whew. I don't know where so many of you find the time! I was just starting to enjoy things, and a little bit of free time... but with the outlooks for this spring. It's going to be hard to carve out time as well as find time for all the other wonderful things in life.

Not much of a post today, just trying to find the motivation and become mentally prepared for the rest of this semester. Although, since it's past the midway mark in the year, we're on the downward slide now, wouldn't you say?

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