Resolution: Organization

I'm linking up for day two of this fun resolution linky-party with 2nd Grade Shenanigans.

Today's topic: Organization. Something that I definitely need to have a resolution or two or twenty of...

I'd love to have a picture here of my lovely newlywed home....but alas, it is not as neat and tidy as I'd like it to be before I show the world my humble abode. As much as my husband and I enjoy cooking I'd really, really like to show you a picture such as this...

or this...

or a freezer like this...

This summer I was a lean, mean, cooking machine... Betty Crocker could have kissed my booty. I had good, home cooked meals on the table ready to go when my hubby came home for lunch and supper. Then, well, I started teaching, grad classes started, and hmmm... home cooked goodness hasn't happened as often as it should.

Personal Goal:

I've pinned freezer meals from time to time, and this girl loves her crockpot... this time around though, the meals as seen above, will be prepped and made, and tweaked (because neither my hubby nor I can just keep a recipe as is we are always tweaking things). My freezer may not look exactly like the one above, but I will have meals on hand ready to go for those days when I know I won't want to come home and cook, or for when I know guests are coming and I want a good meal that's ready to go. I also like the idea of baskets with the dry good ingredients of a few quick and easy family favorite meals in the pantry all ready to go. I need to do this as well! For some really great ideas for recipes to start if you would like to try this too, check out Six Sisters Stuff.

Professional Goal:

I've known that special education comes with paperwork and a lot of it, it just never hit me on how much until I was the one dealing with it all. I really need to get all of the paper in it's proper place. Filed in a more efficient manner than the organized chaos that it currently seems to be.

What are your organizational goals? How will you be making your life tidier, less messy, and more accessible? Be sure to link up or comment with your ideas!

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