Workshop Wednesday: Biographies

A beautiful Wednesday afternoon. Short week of school. Two days of blogging in a row. Whoa! This hasn't happened in awhile. I'm so happy to be joining with my BBB Jivey for her Workshop Wednesday!

Before spring break, we worked on our biographies. This is the first major research project for my students, so I wanted to keep it simple and organized. We covered the basics of reliable resources. How to keep track of information. Then, how to take that information and put it into a cohesive paper. Small, simple feat. Right?

It is a time consuming process, but the process was helped greatly with Erin's biography lessons from her interactive writing packs. We worked through an example together on Dav Pilkey and enjoyed some extension activities with creating our own comics. {See more on this project here.}

What I love about Erin's interactive project, is how step by step and organized it was. After having completed an example together, tied with our new knowledge on proper research, the kiddos were off and running. I had students start by choosing from one of the biographies in their reading range. One day of research was strictly from books. As students found information, they added it to their notes (which we later ordered and grouped together to help with our outlines). The following days of research included online resources as well.

From information gathering, we moved to creating outlines. Final drafts (typed straight to computer for editing due to how rapidly spring break approached) followed soon after. I was so proud of my student's 'mini-biographies'. Each student wrote about a page worth of information, but did so fabulously!

How do you do biographies in your classroom? Be sure to link up with Jivey and check out the other ideas in this link up too!


  1. I just finished up Biographies too, and we used Erin's mini biography research as a starter. My class loved it and out project took off from there. I have to get the post organized. You are WAY more organized than I am!
    Have a great week!
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  2. Erin's stuff is so awesome!! Thanks for linking up!! :)


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