Today I was at an Autism conference. Over a break somebody logged onto Facebook and news of the tragedy spread through the conference like wildfire. All I wanted was to be back with my students.

I love my school. I love my students. Today isn't a day to get into the politics of gun control, would haves, should haves, or could haves. Today is the time to take a moment of silence and say a prayer for all affected by the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. 

It is my hope that when your kiddos came home from school today that you gave them the biggest hug, told them that you love them and that you do this everyday. Let them know the importance of being safe, but also letting them learn how to have fun too. Teach them how to be kind to everyone. Most importantly, raise them to love God.

Just saw this article pinned... a good read for any parent, or teacher out there needing to know how to talk with children about events such as this. 

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