Downtime? {What's That?} Resolution

I'm linking up for another day of resolutions and giveaways I hope everyone is enjoy all of this end of the year fun! Today I'm linking up with Step into Second Grade to talk about some downtime resolutions.

{But seriously.... downtime... "ain't nobody got time for that".. Can finding downtime be a viable resolution?}

For when I do have down time here are a few of my resolutions....

  1. Have more random and fun date nights with my hubby. Our first 6 months were definitely full of wedded bliss, and I want to continue the fun. I have a pinboard full of "Fun Ideas" full of inexpensive and unique ways to spend time with each other. I think this new year will be a great time to try a few out.
  2. Conquer a Pioneer Woman recipe and just cook at home more. I have one of Ree Drummond's cookbooks. I think I've read it twice. I love the humor and the stories mixed into the recipes. Seriously, read through one of her cookbooks, you'll feel like her kitchen just talking to her {minus, what I'm sure would be amazing smells of whatever would be cooking.} I have a long list of recipes of hers that I want to try, I just haven't yet....but I will soon. Hopefully I can get back into the groove of cooking after a long day at school.
  3.  Make my rental our home. The hubby and I really, really, really want a place to call our own out in the country. Unfortunately we cannot find anything that is either worth fixing up, or that's anywhere near our price point. Until we can, I need to embrace our rental and make it ours. It still looks like a college place at the moment. 
  4. Get crafty. I have a ton of pins (seriously, check it out) and I need to do more than stockpile ideas, I need to try some more out! My sewing machine has been neglected since high school and there is a cute little quilt shop downtown that is just begging for me to drop in.
Hopefully I can find make the time to accomplish not only these goals but some other fun things too. What goals do you have for your spare time? Be sure to link up and share!


  1. That is one of my actually make/do the things I pin!!! =)

    I love your sweet profile picture. =)

    I am happy to be your newest follower. I would love for you to hop over and visit me when you get the chance.

    Heather's Heart

  2. Maybe we should start an online Pinterest party like the Monday Made-It series this summer. There are just so many ideas and so little time!

    Thank you for the compliment, that is one of my all time favorite wedding pictures, so I had to share it with the world :)

    I'll be bopping by and following you too, thank you again!


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