RTI: App with Checking Out!

Another MTSS/RTI update for you all... with an app I was introduced to within the last week: Phonics Genius!

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 10.34.19 AM
This is a FREE app with tons of words grouped by their phonics sounds (over 5,000 words is what iTunes has listed.) The app has three ways to practice words. Currently, I have students read the word aloud, then click to hear the word read, to see if they are reading/pronouncing the word correctly. It's good for a couple of my RTI kiddos who also have speech difficulties.

I haven't used it a whole lot yet (since I really haven't known about it all that long) but there are features I do like. Besides the vast amount of words used, I like how I can add my own cards to the mix (there are always a few tricky words that my students struggle with consistently) and that I can add new lists to group flashcards the way I want for those target areas we are working on.

I'm looking forward to using and learning more about this app, hopefully it can be helpful for some of you as well!

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