Reason Number 9,572...

....Why I love my school.

I'm sure I could think of more, but 9,572 seemed like a good number.

It's starting to be that time of the year. Christmas break has come and past. Spring break feels forever away. Assessments are looming. Teachers and kids are both starting to get into the dreary part of the year, where the days seem long and patients seem shorter.

Then things happen. Things that make me love the school I work in that much more.

This week, one of my students had a birthday. A younger sibling had their birthday earlier in the year and didn't bring treats, so this student couldn't bring birthday treats either. When one of my paras learned this, over her break she bought ice cream bars for this student's homeroom class. It was a fun treat to celebrate not only this student's birthday but also the unseasonably high temperatures (in the 60's earlier this week!)

A call was accidentally made to the school. The conversation was heard by a staff member. Soon after a building wide email was sent. It never mentioned which student or the circumstances of the call. Just a reminder that sometimes kids come to school with more hardships than we'll ever understand. Suggestions of a few more high fives or hugs, a listening ear, and more patients were suggested.

I love being in such a kind and caring environment. The staff in my school (and I'm sure the staff in your schools as well) truly care about the kids. A person can tell that from the moment they walk into the building. With each passing day, I love my school, the students, and the staff just a little bit more.

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