New Years Check In

I blogged about several goals I have during the resolution linky party. I told you as I was mulling over what I wanted to do that I wanted to try to have you all keep me accountable. So... I thought I'd attempt to do a monthly check-in to see what type of progress I'm making. Feel free to join in!

....Besides the lights are out in the Super Bowl, and I'm just not that into it this year...


My professional goal with technology was to learn how to create my own products for my classroom and possibly post them to TPT. Honestly, I'd never thought that I would get the gumption to do it, especially in under a month from creating this resolution, but I did. There are so many wonderful tutorials on how to create printables: the Ladybug Teacher Files, tutorials pinned on Pinterest from a variety of sources, and good ol' Google/Youtube. All it took was an all day hunter adventure for my husband and too much time on my hands, and I learned some of the ends and outs. Within two weeks, I finally tweak, nudged, switched fonts to my liking and created my first product to sell on TPT. You can visit my store by clicking here {I'm having a 20% sale today and tomorrow}. It's so fun to have the students use {and enjoy} my materials! This could become addictive rather quickly.

My personal goal was to master my DSLR. Which, since I filled up all of the free space allotted on blog for snapshots of newlywed life and I'm still trying to pull files over to a new site, it's been neglected...


At home and work my goal was to get things orderly. Things are better... but not "Pinterest" worthy. We will call this a work in progress.

Professional Goals:

My goals were to
  1. Get more organized. --Work in progress...sorta.
  2. To incorporate more technology. --I'm restructuring my math pullout class, more movement and smaller groupings. Which is working well, but I haven't included anymore I need to step this one up.
  3. Learn how to incorporate more TEACCH methods in my classroom. As long as I'm still at this school, come next year, I will need to have TEACCH processes in place. I'm hoping to do some observations this spring. A work in progress. I've find many resources through Pinterest of course and I have a board full of ideas for next year. To see some of the ideas I've collected reguarding TEACCH, tasks, and ASD please click here.
  4. Survive my first year. So far I'm still alive and kicking, I think I'm making good progress on this goal so far. :)
Downtime Goals:
  1. Have more random and fun date nights with my hubby. ---Nothing too purposeful here yet. Though we have enjoyed attending a couple of KSU basketball games, and watching some bowl games with a couple of new friends.
  2. Conquer a Pioneer Woman recipe and just cook at home more.---A work in progress, sort of. The fridge and especially freezer that desperately needed going through have been. We've been on a sandwich kick lately... but my cookbooks are still calling my name.
  3.  Make my rental our home.---We had a few friends over recently and that evening was the first time our rental really seemed homey. Everything {including the hubby's hunting and tailgating gear} was put away and tidy. Which helped immensely. I'd still say a work in progress though, but I'm still holding out for some change in scenery this coming year.
  4. Get crafty. --Minus a couple of TPT project not really much is going on in the crafting department. I need to step this one up too!
Fitness Goals:
  1. Eat more meals at home.---We are doing slightly better. Not great. But, better.
  2. Get back into shape...So far, I'm way too stagnet for this resolution to get anywhere, but round. {Which is a shape, just not the one I'm going for!}
  3. Drink more water and less pop. I'm becoming better at doing this too. I'm more purposeful in my drink choices water and tea more often than soda. 

Well some change but mostly needing to get my rear in gear {both literally and figuratively} guess I have just under 11 months to get things going! :)

How are you doing with your New Year's resolutions?

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