Show & Tell: Read Alouds!

Hello. My name is Christy, and I have an addiction to children's literature.

One of my professors told me that in order to have a good classroom library a teacher needed to have at least 1,000 books in it. So that there is a wide variety of topics, genres, and ability levels.

My husband called this professor an enabler.

So when I saw this linky I knew I had to join in!

This year was the first that I have read this book and it is such a cute Christmas read! The Herdman's (that family, the one that everyone knows about) turns the Christmas pagent upside down.  A quick read, full of laughs, fun, and the spirit of Christmas. 

 I first read this book in college and enjoyed it greatly. The reading level is above where my students are at, but as a read aloud, with a few discussions along the way, they are really enjoying it. Milo, a bored 10 year old goes on the adventure of his life. Through places such as the Dulldrums, where the Lethargens reside {plays on words and fun with language, makes this fun to discuss}. A book worth checking out if you've never read it.

Bradley Chalkers is the oldest kid in 5th grade. He tells lies, picks on girls, nobody likes him. That is until the new school counselor arrives, but can the most hated boy in school ever believe in himself? 

All three are great reads, although I could go on, and on, about children's literature. What are your favorite read alouds? Be sure to link up with Sunny Days and share your favorites! 


  1. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is great! :)

    1. I loved that it gave us an opportunity to mention the Christmas story so that all of the children could get the humor. It was a nice way to end the first nine weeks!

  2. I love read-alouds...oh, too many favorites to count. I think Caps for Sale or anything Dr. Seuss is a favorite because I love reading with a rhythm.

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  3. I love all these books! I think my next TPT book unit will be on Boy in the Girls' Bathroom- it's so good for so many skills (life and academic). :)

    I also love that your hubby called your professor an enabler. :-P It made me laugh outloud! I am right there with you. I don't even know the # anymore.....
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    1. I've thought about making a unit for a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom too, but my focus is mostly math... for this year. Maybe next year will hold a change :)

      I don't even know the number of my books any more either, after a 1,000 I gave up. Every time he brings that professor up {usually after I have a trip to the Scholastic Warehouse} all I say is Cabelas and he's quiet, haha!

  4. I've read several Louis Sachar books, but not the one you mentioned - I'll have to. And I'm also chuckling about the enabler comment - darn it, I never had a professor say that to me!
    But I still manage to buy plenty of books! :)

    1. You'll have to read it! It has a great message to go along with it!

      Here is a blog post from Minds in Bloom, about why you should have it as a read a loud too!

  5. I LOVE books too! We all need to join Books Anonymous! LOL! Great books you shared! My son read Phantom Tollbooth in 5th grade. He didn't like it! (sad!) He's an avid reader so maybe it was the "presentation". Thanks for sharing!
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