Where I Teach: Wednesday

I teach at the BEST school ever {but that's just my humble opinion.} The staff has been great, understanding, and oh so helpful since my hire. I'm looking forward more and more to this school year with each passing day.

The stuff you probably want to hear goes something more like this....

I teach at Garfield Elementary it's the 4/5 building in the beautiful town of Abilene, Kansas. The town is the home of President Eisenhower "big" to me with the small-town feel I love. {Big is a relative term. My hometown maybe has 150 people in it. My graduating class was the largest in the school in 2008 with 15 students... a school district with roughly 1,700 kids is big...to me!} The school district adopted a technology initiative. This is the first year for 1:2 iPads in K-1; and 1:1 iPads 3-12.

I am the 5th grade special education teacher and here is a quick look at my classroom. { I apologize in advance for the picture quality; most pictures yellowed due to the time of day and the sun setting oh well you get the just.}

Thank you Pinterest! I have some kiddos that need some review with telling time and this is the best "anchor chart"
{I didn't realize the link went to the template, so I free-handed, but I would have printed it out if I would have seen that template sooner!!}

First job... my own room whoooooooooot!

 Gifts for parents at Open House/Parent Night

 For free printable leaves please click here!

 LOVE my math-word wall! Every math term (CCSS for 4th and 5th) has a QR linked to online math dictionaries and sometimes even more interactive activities. Great resource from Eberopolis!

Great free printable (aligned to 6-trait writing) from Ladybug Teaching Files

 "Show Me the Money" Interactive bulletin board. Problems will be given to each pocket or purse. Inside the pockets/purse is a ziplock baggie with the correct change manipulatives for student's to self check. {It's a goal to have this as an interactive bulletin board every month}.

 One of my favorite parts of the room: the reading area. I have an addiction love children's books. Modge-podge and I became good friends this last year and I covered wood letters to go with my classroom colors. Again thanks to Pinterest. {Only one of a dozen different links to this project.}

A look at half of my room where I teach/where my desk is at. I am so thankful for all of the windows! To the left unseen, is a sink, and a huge built in storage area. The other half of the room, has a kidney table along with the interactive bulletin board and reading area. I wanted to leave this space as an area for teachers to use as needed for small groups or during MTSS. 

In reality, I'm pale... my walls are tan-ish...and things really aren't as yellow as they seem.
Ignore my tired state. Focus more on the fabric covered filing cabinets--love this idea.... and FLOWERS FROM MY HUSBAND!! {He's the best, hands down. They were a great first day surprise.}

This is where I teach...and I love, love, LOVE IT!

Looking forward to taking a peek at your school and where you teach, so be sure  hop over to Blog Hoppin' to link up!

-Mrs. Whitehair

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