Newbie Blog Hop

I've discovered so many newbie bloggers like myself through looking blogs linked up to this linky party, that I decided to join the fun!


1. What state are you in? Kansas... thus, teaching in Oz :)
2. Current teaching position: I will be a 5th grade special education teacher.
3. Your teaching experience: This will be my first year!
4. When you started blogging: My husband and I have a blog and we try to post a picture daily of our newlywed lives to try and let family stay more connected with us. So far so good, but it's been less than 2 months for that.. and I wanted to attempt a teaching blog too :) I just started this blog the first of this month. 
5. Blogging tip or resource: 
Tip: Click to make links open in a new tab. 
Resource: Check out "I Teach, What's Your Super Power"'s page 'Blog Baby Blog' so many amazing tutorials (without having to spend hours looking through Google help!)

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