One Week!

One week from this moment, my first day of teaching will be over. Crazy to think about! Every day, my to-do list seems to grow exponentially, as I learn more about my new district and my position within the special education coop. Overwhelmed seems to be the word of the week, but I am very blessed to be working with knowledgeable, caring, and very patient colleagues {who have heard more than their fair share of questions from me.} I am very grateful for their help and input. I'm glad that they can recall their own first days and willingly offer a listening ear and support!

This week, I hope to finish up a binder that I want my pullout students to utilize and I will post a master copy or at least the rough sketch up once the idea is fine tuned. 

Hope you have a wonderful night, with no back to school nightmares!

-Mrs. Whitehair

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