First Few Days...and a freebie!

The first couple of days have been great, and I anticipate the same for tomorrow: our first full day. This week I'm sort of a floater, as the students are staying with their home room for rotations. It's given me a chance to get to know my students and observe them a bit before jumping in next week with co-teaching and my pullout group.

This week I started off by meeting with each of the fifth grade teachers to give them a little background information. I printed the document on bright paper and wrote in the necessary information. I saw something pretty similar to this in one of my classes this last summer, I just added a couple of different categories to it.

Click the picture to be taken to the pdf. If you would prefer the copy from Pages or in Microsoft Word format (to type rather than write in) just email me or leave a comment.

I hope everyone is having a great start to the school year, or enjoying the last bit of summer!

-Mrs. Whitehair

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