Technology Tip: Tuesday

I'm linking up again with Blog Hoppin for Teacher week! You definitely need to checkout today's linky party... tons of technology tips!

With my school being in the first year of 1:1 iPads there is an air of excitement and anxiousness. What if a student has a problem I can't answer? How can I incorporate this technology more? Where do I find the power button? {Ok, so I haven't heard the last question yet, but I can just hear my Dad saying something like this, haha}  

My best advice is this: take the time to explore. The best way to learn about a new-to-you technology, is to get it into your hands and work with it. Don't be afraid to try things out! I've found people are afraid of "messing up" or "breaking" the item that they are working with, it's been my experience that it's pretty hard to completely mess up or break technology so take that leap of faith and explore.

To add on to that, find someone in the building, who can give you a helping hand. People are more than willing to help, all you have to do is ask.

Learned about a new website today from the app guru at school... check it out!! For daily free apps (that are school appropriate) and giveaways on apps!

If you have a piece of advice or tip to share, be sure to link up!

-Mrs. Whitehair


  1. Hey! I found your blog on the Blog Hop and I think these are all great tips. You definitely have to explore and be willing to try things out on your own! It will amaze you at how much the students know and will be able to teach you. Another tip is to find a "tech-savvy" blog to follow like Sent From My iPad. I am your newest follower and I would love it if you checked out my blog and you may just find a tip or two over there!

  2. Now that I have an iPad available, I've been searching for new apps or ways to integrate the technology into the curriculum. I'll definitely be checking out your blog regularly!

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