School Starts... TOMORROW!!


Can't believe tomorrow starts the day I've been working towards---my first day of school as the teacher! Crazy!!

Today was the very brief open house. I, unfortunately, didn't get to see many of the kiddos I will be working with... but that's okay--- even more excited for tomorrow.

I haven't posted much, but tomorrow there will definitely be pictures that are taken and a big post, be sure to check back. Be on the lookout for my classroom reveal, a project I made for the parents that did arrive today, and a snapshot IEP template  I used with my teachers today that you will be able to download.

After the rollercoaster of the day I'm exhausted {hopefully I'm able to sleep with all of the excitement of tomorrow!}

Hope that the start of the school year is wonderful for you all and your best year yet!

-Mrs. Whitehair

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