Classroom "App"lications & Workshop Wednesday: Geometry

This week has to be the longest week I've had in awhile. Monday night, I went to bed and was happy with the thought that I could sleep in the next day. Then I had the rude realization that the next day was not Saturday, but only Tuesday. Yesterday felt like Thursday. Today felt like a Friday. Finally though, it's hump day, and I'm here to join in with one of my BBB's for Workshop Wednesday!

This weeks topic is geometry. My kiddos had a new batch of apps downloaded to their iPads recently and one of the apps was GeoBoard. For a simple app, my kiddos have fun with it and it's a new twist to an activity I did as a kid {with the actual rubber bands}. This time without the threat of rubber bands flying around the room too.

A fun, free app, to use during a geometry study! Be sure to check out Jivey's blog for more ideas when teaching geometry!

What apps do you use in the classroom? Be sure to link up your ideas all month long. You can link up any app (whether you use iPads or Chrome Books, or Android device) come join in the fun all month long!


  1. That is a super fun app!! I wish we had ipads in the classroom. I'm thinking I need to get a donor's choose project together for at least one!!!
    Sorry I am just now reading this! I was cleaning out my emails and just realized I had these from last week! LOL

  2. I like this linky a lot! Glad you found me to add to your APP list. Loving all the math apps...going to explore some of them right now!

    Andrea @ Cheers To School


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