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Another month, another link-up for all the apps you use in the classroom. I'm excited to see how things go this year with this linky, I'm going to be doing more with technology this year and helping to support the 4th grade staff. I have a few ideas floating around, and I'm excited to try some new ideas out.

One such idea is for my ELA classes. I *LOVE* interactive notebooks. My students go back refering to them, they are engaged, and their learning is enhanced. Wonderful! However, as I used elements I didn't use the iPad much. My district is blessed to be 1:1 iPad, and I don't want this tool to sit and become a glorified paperweight. I want students to utilize this wonderful tool.

Over the last two years, I've come across many tried and true apps: some free, some paid. Together, my students and I, have used them to find ways to learn beyond a worksheet. We do some neat projects to showcase learning, but they get saved here and there, it's hard to access them at a later date.

Taking into consideration this tool, my student's love for interactive notebooks, and all the neat products my student's produce on the iPad I wanted to create something for them to use this coming year: an interactive notebook for the iPad.

{Here is where you will have to forgive me, it's not quite posted on TPT yet. *Hopefully* by Friday night. Too much end of the summer craziness and I want to add a couple of video tutorials before posting, but here is a taste. I hope you will stop by later to learn more!}

What you will find in this labor of love:

  • Over 40 graphic organizers for each of the 4th grade Common Core Literacy Standards. Easy to print and use paper and pencil. However, with an iPad and the help of a few apps, you can transform these images into something truly interactive.
Not every graphic organizer has lines for typing or writing. Many have a blank area for pictures and videos to be placed from camera roll.
  • A list of tried and true apps to get you started. As well as additional apps that you can use with a brief idea for its use connect to the Common Core Standards. 
  •  Written narratives, screenshots, or links to use the main apps of the notebook. These give you a basic tutorial in the app use. However, I strongly suggest just playing with the apps (and giving your student's a chance to explore them maybe with a simple task. Believe me, if you don't figure out all the in's and out's of an app, your students will!)
  •  An example of what the interactive notebook could look like for you and your students.

I'm very excited to use this notebook this school year. Not everything we do will be completed on the iPad, but the iPad's won't sit on the sideline as often either. If you don't have 1:1 iPads I still think that this could be helpful for small groups, a partner assignment, or a way to document your class' learning throughout the year.

Whether you are part of an iPad school or Chromebook school. It doesn't matter if you have one machine or a class set of machines. Please link up your favorite apps and how you use them in the classroom!

To see even more ideas, please click the tab at the top Classroom 'App'lications. Ideas linked up each month are collected there!

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