Fun with Figurative Language Part 2!

Last week I talked about our figurative language centers incorporating several iPad apps {you can check it out here.} There was too much fun for one post so I am back with part two!

Last year, after our big figurative language push, I saw the cutest idea. It was too late to complete then: thank goodness for Pinterest! Jivey and Joanne both creatived a figurative language picnic and my class needed to do the same.

They turned out so cute! Students were given the option of writing 4+ sentences (one for each of the foods) or a story using the figurative language. The students had so much fun filling their plates and sharing their knowledge.

One activity that we did came from YouTube. Someone, had taken several songs and mashed them into a game show. I previewed the lyrics, they cut out the inappropriate lyrics {yay!} Students worked in groups and held up signs with which figurative language they thought was being used. It was blast and the kiddos wanted to play more. Definitely worth a look!

I also made an anchor chart for the parts of figurative language we covered. {I did eventually add in an example for metaphor... but my late-at-night-making-a-poster-brain totally and completely forgot an example, whoops!}

My kiddos also love a similes and metaphors song from earlier in the year. I can't remember if I've shared it on here before or not, but one of my student's who struggles sang the entire chorus and then some several months after the original viewing: I was surprised with how well it stuck!

My iPad was being used by a student making up assessments, but we also did a figurative language sort that I made up last year. You can take a look by clicking on the picture below!

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Hope you have a wonderful week!

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