Figurative Language & Holiday Fun {Lots of Fun & Photos!}

I had super duper intentions of blogging regularly this week. We've been busy brushing up on some figurative language & getting into the holiday spirit. However, it's also the last week of my grad classes... and unfortunately final projects won out over blogging... until now!

I've tried to boil things down into 5 bigger topics over the last week or so. There are lots of pictures and ideas below!

1. I may or may not have spent a little money at the TpT sale. With the hectic holidays, changes in weather, and the anticipation of students getting a little crazy in the excitement and anticipation, I decided to stock up on some new seasonal items. Boy, I'm glad I did!

First up, Lovin Lit, has some amazing resources. The products I'm currently loving of hers, come from her Christmas pack. Three separate set of lessons that are no-prep. Just print and go. Erin, does a wonderful job of getting down to the last detail; it's all done for you.

I used her Common Core Christmas pack with the holidays around the world watching guide. Incorporating a YouTube video that my students LOVED! It was humorous, educational, and entertaining a perfect match!!

A great brain break comes from the video that my kiddos absolutely LOVE! You can check it out {here}.

2. Figurative language has been a focus in our room this week. A topic that is pretty fun, and offers itself as a good release during this crazy time of year.

First we reviewed synonyms and antonyms. I saw this awesome idea on Third Grade Bugs Instagram (I'd take a screenshot, but my Instagram feed is having issues). I found a picture of a snowflake from Google Images to use as the template. Students wrote synonym on the front and the definition, then filled in various synonyms along the outer edges of the snowflake. When checked, students were able to cut out the snowflake then repeat the processes with antonyms on the back.  They've added a fun touch to our room!

3. Our next figurative language movement was to similes and metaphors. I found a fun video on YouTube that several students complained was stuck in their head all day... muah haha, my plan of them retaining what I teach is working! :)
I also used {freebie!} task cards for student practice from Teaching with a Mountain View. My students enjoy bopping around the room. Adds a little movement to a normal worksheet.

4.  Just for fun and some holiday cheer, I totally and completely copied this adorable idea from my friend Sarah's instagram. She posted her 5th graders caroling reindeer and I knew my fourth graders had to do that project too. Seriously so cute!

5. During the big sale I also picked up a holidays around the world research project from More Than a Worksheet. This pack has a nontraditonal report template included: sharing about your country through a song format: The 12 Days of "the country's holiday".

I added on to this project, by first have students work in small groups to research their countries. Then, they were to research that country's version of Christmas and the symbols of that holiday. From there, I had the students create an ornament for the tree that symbolized that country or the holiday they had researched. After that, the students recorded their songs on Educreations or iMovie to share with the class.

This project, though slightly time-intensive was so much fun! I loved being able to turn the students loose to create and showcase their knowledge in a variety of ways. I will definitely be tweaking and adding to this project next year.

I'm going to use this project as my start of the December link-up for Classroom Applications. Do you have a way that you are using the iPad in your classroom? Be sure to link up all month long and check out the tab above for ideas from previous months.

Hope I've helped to inspire a few last minute ideas!


  1. So much goodness going on in here! LOVE! My kids have been signing that Marco Polo song ALL WEEK and doing the dance moves to go with it. So funny! I can't get over the caroling reindeer. So fun!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I bought Erin's pack and have loved it! The Santa song is stuck in my head terribly, though, and I think my husband thinks I'm going crazy when I start singing it randomly...I haven't heard of these other packets but I'll have to check them out. We start figurative language after the break!

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