Workshop Wednesday: Math Websites

I'm linking up with Jivey today for her Workshop Wednesday.

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Today it's all about Math Websites. I'm going to keep this post pretty short and sweet. Today was a long day and I'm just ready to relax for a bit. Here are just a few math websites that I use often or have recently discovered and I really like.

Inside Mathematics is a wonderful resource. It's chock full of stuff (so much so, that I've only skimmed the surface). What I really like about the site are the "Problems of the Month". These are organized by topic, and have them broken into grade levels... then it gets better! The problems have multiple levels so you can challenge your students were they are at! I recently discovered this site and I'm sure I'll be coming back more often.

Arcademic (Arcade+Academic) Skill Builders, puts academic material into games. They are engaging for kiddos and they are learning while playing. The games go from first to sixth grade. I haven't tried this site on the iPads yet, so I'm not sure if it would load on there or not (there could be flash issues).

The last site I'm highlighting I've  blogged about before, but I thought I would again. It's the Ruler Game from Free Math Games for Kids, I wanted  to get the word out that it is a website, not an app so it can be used by many more students. I've only used the ruler game, but the student's really enjoyed it. If you want to learn more about that you can click here to read my other post.

I'm looking forward to learning about other websites to try, and pinning future ideas. If you have a math website you like to use as a teacher or for your student, please be sure to link up!


  1. Hey, Spammy! ;-) Hee hee! I haven't heard of ANY of these sites so I'm very excited to check them out!!! :) Thank you for linking up!!

  2. Thank you so much for the websites. I love using anything interactive with my kiddos. I miss teaching math!



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