Tried It Tuesday,Featured and Givaways!

I'm back for Holly's Tried It Tuesday. I'm loving this linky (among many others) for so many pin-worthy ideas!


Today I'm going to share about a fun little app I had some of my MTSS/RTI students download last week (and even as 5th graders they enjoyed it)...Sock Puppets (the free version). {I've been trying during my free time today to upload a quick video to show off the app, but I discovered it takes a $1 to save videos to the camera roll, bummer!}

 You get to choose your cast of characters

Choose your scenery and props

Record and Play!

It's a quirky, fun app that utilizes virtual sock puppets. On the free app, you get 30 seconds of recording time. Just tap the characters to move them. Once you start to record, you click the puppet you want to "talk" for you. Once your finished recording and hit the play button back, the app automatically changes your voice for the different characters. It was a fun way to have the students share what they knew about the differences in long vowels, short vowels, and r controlled vowels and a unique informal assessment.Other classes have used it for retelling, vocab lessons, etc. It was just a comical way to add some pizazz to otherwise repetitive and sometimes boring topics. 

I am also pretty excited to be featured today on Fun in First Grade's New Teacher Blog Tuesday. So if your wanting to know even more about me, please head there. Be sure to follow as well, so you can discover new blogs each week!

One last thing... there are a couple of great giveaways going on! Be sure to click the pictures to enter... as that's the only way you can win!

Multiple chances to win based on grade levels. A great opportunity from my of my favorite blogging buddies Jivey! Whoot for 300 followers!

The second giveaway comes from a sweet, first year Kindergarten teacher (and former K-State grad) Regina! If you are a teacher in K-2 this is definitely a giveaway for you!!


  1. How cute are those sock puppets! I bet it's a hoot to watch!! :) Thanks for the shout out! ;-)
    ideas by jivey

  2. I am having a giveaway also...check it out.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  3. Sock Puppet is great. Have you used Toontastic before? I think both work really well, we also like sock puppet because it puts a limit on what students can say so they have to relly think about what they're doing.

    I found you through the link up
    Digital: Divide & Conquer

  4. This sounds great! Heading to the app store now to check it out :)

  5. Those sock puppets are adorable! I love how it adds the character voices too. I have to check it out! Thanks so much for linking up:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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