Workshop Wednesday: Card Games

Today the natives have been a little restless today. Maybe it is due to the fact that it was close 50 degrees, sun shining and it's just gorgeous compared with yesterday's snowfall. It's alright though, the week is half over so the craziness will be over soon. It also means that it's time for Jivey's Workshop Wednesday. The topic today is card games.

From the posting of this topic I knew exactly what I wanted to share with you all. In one of my undergraduate classes, a professor of mine assigned the task of creating a "manipulative kit." We could choose any manipulative commonly found in classrooms. I  chose playing cards!

Here is a quick look at the kit. My professor wanted us to have at least one educational game pack that is functional and something the kids could grab on indoor recess days. My computer from college bit the dust, so I don't have the cute frames. Boo!

Then I remembered a great free e-book that had 69 pages of card games, how-to's, and covered basically every game from my pack and more. If you'd like to check out those games, just click the picture below!

 Be sure to link up and read up on various types of card games!


  1. Thank you for the link to the e-book. I cannot wait to include some of these games into my math program.

    Rosie's Rambles

  2. This is awesome! Thank you for linking up!! :)

  3. What a great resource! These card games would be great to work on review the last couple weeks of school...anything to keep them busy! Mine have been beyond restless this week, and I definitely think the sunshine has something to do with it :)

  4. Great share! I'm featuring this post on Bagels and Blogs tomorrow. :)

    Math Coach’s Corner

  5. Great resource! I am your newest follower!! I found you on Donna's Bagels and Blogs post:)

    The Math Maniac

  6. Love all these card games! Thanks for sharing:-)


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