IEP Goal Documentation

I may be a slight control freak. Maybe it's just being a first year teacher still trying to figure things out. Maybe it has to do with wanting to know exactly where my kiddos are at. Anyway, I'm posting my goal documentation sheets that may be slightly overkill, but they have been working for me this year.

I created a simple documentation sheet that has the student's name, IEP date, and a spot to fill in the week. After that a condensed version of the goals are listed. Lastly there is a table that contains the days of the week, the goal numbers, and spots for documentation. The blanks are not big and I don't want to read or write novels for every little thing so this works for me.

I can put the template up on Google Docs maybe or email it if someone would like it... it's just a picture for now.

Is there always something recorded every day, in every category? No, not always. (Especially with students that have more than just 2 goals.)

Do I only record information when the activity completed is what is expressly written in the goal? No. For instance, a student has a math goal and what is being done in class stems from the ability to accomplish what was stated in the goal, I'll usually record that information too.

Do I have a written record stored in binders or folders that help me see where my students are at (particularly the students I only see once a week)? Yes. It's a quick at a glance. I can highlight key information, and this information helps me to make more informed decisions.

I feel that this system works best when I am the one doing the instruction/coteaching in the room. I'm not in every room that my student's are. The paras I work with have inclosed clipboards, sticky notes have worked better than copies of the documentation sheet to jot a quick note about the day's activities, how the student did. These notes are put on to the documentation chart in my room; either quickly jotting down, or sticking them down in the right box on the chart.  I have a para that works for me in the school I'm not able to be at often. Her notes are great, and a wonderful reflection of where the students are at.  Not a perfect system, but workable for me.

I'm not sure that this system would work for all, but it's an idea if anyone is looking for different ways to organize.


  1. I love this simple tracking format Christy. Please email me the document. Next year my goal-I will need to make one for myslef (: is to track their goal progress better. Thank you so much for sharing. My email is

  2. What a great way to track and store data - thanks for sharing!

    p.s. I LOVE that your sample student is named Elmo - I saw that and laughed and laughed! Ohhh boy - is it Friday yet? :)

    Joy in the Journey

  3. I would love this template - anything to help w/ documentation...
    Thank you!

  4. I would love a copy of this document too. Please send it to me. Thank you. Tammy


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