Classroom "App"lications: Fun with Prepositions

The last couple of weeks I've put my student's through a mini-grammar boot camp. We were struggling to keep the different parts of speech straight, a two week review was set up and the kiddos started to remember their nouns, verbs, and adjective, etc. much better than before.

Then came prepositions. Our English book was no help. Two worksheets and a lack luster lesson idea. No way, would that sink in! As a result I had to spice things up a bit... luckily it was a beautiful fall day,  we had our iPads, and a fun preposition lesson began.

We talked about prepositions, what they do, and said a jingle from Shirley English, a couple of times to get a feel for some of the prepositions (there is quite a lengthy list). I then put a slightly longer list of prepositions at each table for student's to take a picture of.

From there, the lesson became more fun. We journeyed out into the fabulous fall day, in our table groups, and tried to capture as many prepositions that we could. Before journeying out we covered the basics of iPad safety, playground safety, and the fact that not every single preposition could be photographed (ex. about).

The kids did a great job. I tried to snap a few photos while the kids were working. The student's really got creative, I wish I could have captured a few more ideas.

Monday, we spent a little time making a keynote. One picture per slide with the one preposition being illustrated on the slide as well. Then we shared out keynotes with our table groups.  A fun way to use technology and help cement in prepositions. 

What do you do to incorporate the iPad the your instruction? Be sure to link up your ideas all month long!


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  2. What a great idea! Love your photos! (Second attempt after accidentally attaching anaphylaxis training link. :))
    Grade 4 Buzz

  3. So cool! Love the way you use iPads...have I told you that before?

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  4. Doing prepositions on Monday & you just gave me the best idea!

    Tales From Two 2nd Grade Classrooms

  5. I love that you incorporated technology as well as an exercise that got students up and moving around. By pairing the two together, I bet the material really stuck with your students. Thanks for sharing!


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