Checking In..

A super quick post during a break in training. Our district will be using McRel evaluations this year. Two days of training are involved and the end is in sight. Lots of information, and I truly feel that the evaluations that occur after this training will be much more informative for me---with conversations stemming more from the stand point of this is how I can help you become a better teacher. The principal is super supportive, so I'm excited to see how much I'll grow as a teacher over the coming year.

I'm hoping that someday soon, I'll get back into a consistent blogging schedule. When I return to school tomorrow we will be starting our small intervention groups; I hope to share more about what we are doing specifically for those students. As many of the small groups will be working on the foundational skills that I blogged about earlier in the week. 

One of my blogging buddies, Lauren, from Life in Middle School is celebrating 2 years of blogging! She has gathered up several wonderful bloggers to help her celebrate. Be sure to bop over to her blog, congratulate her on her blogging accomplishment and enter for a chance to win! Just click the picture to head on over!

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