Big, Huge, Giveaway Hop!

*UPDATE* I guess blogger doesn't like permalinks when a new month is coming. I had my post scheduled, links included; then I come back from the early church service and nothing is working. I'm sorry!! All is fixed now!*

Ready for a blog hop with a twist? In honor of two of my blogging buddies having milestones to celebrate, I'm helping them out with a blog hop scavenger hunt! Diane is celebrating 1,000 followers & Amelia is celebrating her blogiversary... and you could win big!!

The way it words is pretty simple. You can even get a cheat sheet to help you out! (I'm not sure about you, but I've been ready for this long weekend for awhile... my poor overworked brain could use a bit of a break!)

All you need to do is visit each of the blogs listed on the cheat sheet. When you visit the blog you write down the number in the giveaway graphic, and add up the total from each spot. You will enter the total as one of the required entries in the Rafflecopter.

There are many prizes including... a pink pencil sharpener (or other color of your choice) and your choice  pick 2 of the following: a laminator, sticker maker, or Amazon giftcard. How cool is that!?!

Just look for the graphic like the one below on each blog and write down the number on the recording sheet.

Now click on the next graphic to go to the next blog. When you've made all of your stops, add up the total and visit Diane or Amelia to enter the total into the Rafflecopter. There you will find other opportunities to earn entries!

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