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The last time I joined this linky, I shared about an incredible family and their little one. I wanted to give you a very quick update on Landon: he is now home! There are a lot of trials and tribulations to still overcome, but this is a huge step for this little family. If you want to read up more on this little guy (and be inspired with every post) just click on the picture below.

For some of you, this post will seem familiar...and if you feel that way, then your probably right (but part of this post is new). I posted this for Joann's Spark Student Motivation Saturdays, but I wanted to post it with another linky she is apart of too: Peace, Hope, and Kindness. The text is the same, so if you've read about the Grinch once, don't feel like you have to again, but I do want to share a video with you all.

I watched this video at our last inservce day, then again last night at my last graduate class of the semester (hallelujah!). In class last night, it was described as an end of the year inoculation. A peptalk. Something that is needed this time of the year with all the craziness that comes. A great reminder for teacher appreciation week. It's about 8 minutes long, but it's definitely worth a listen!

Wise words from a teacher of 40 years. 

At the small, rural school I cover, they have found a way to encourage helping others by using the Grinch. At first this project started over Christmas. Then he had to hang around for Valentines day. Now he's still up, guarding the hallway where everyone comes in and out as a reminder to students to help the Grinch keep his heart growing big and strong by helping others around them.

As you can see there are several hearts with notes mentioning who did the good deed and what was done. A fun way to have the Grinch help out!

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  1. I saw this video on Ideas by Jivey's post last week and shared it with my team at our PLC meeting yesterday....we all loved it! A strong and important message. Thanks for sharing!

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