Workshop Wedensday: Mentor Texts

I'm loving that I can join in from time to time with Jivey's great linky. This week I'm joining in a little late in the day. My school day started with a student literally getting their hair stuck in a pencil sharpener and ending just now {my grad class went over, plus the 45+ minute drive home} I'm exhausted. With a topic I'd love to add plenty on, I'll just highlight a couple of books {very briefly as my bed is calling my name tonight}.

The first is Memoirs of a Goldfish, Jivey herself mentioned this as a favorite when I first started following her (as did several other bloggers). I had to check it out. So cute! It's also a good book for voice as well as cause and effect.

You can check out a unit that Jivey has for it here!
Another book that I checked out recently was Three Hens and Peacock another super cute book that would showcase voice very well.  As the characters find out what it's really like to "walk a mile in someone else's shoes".

Tomorrow, be on the look out. I've got some spring centers coming and a chance to win a set too. {I'm just not sure I'm awake enough now to post them, haha!}


  1. Thanks for linking up!! I do love Memoirs of a Goldfish! :)

  2. I love Memoirs of a Goldfish too. I haven't used Three Hens and a Peacock-looking forward to checking it out!


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