Make Your Masterpiece: Differentiated Inference Activty

I'm back for week 3 of the TpT sellers challenge: make your masterpiece with a new activity for that tricky skill of making inferences!

Inferences are hard, especially for some of my students, it's just hard to read between the lines. I created this activity using the same passages but with two different levels to help with differentiation.

Introducing: Whose Tablet Is It? (My district is 1:1 iPad, so I thought my students would like the tech theme)

In this activity, various community members have mixed up their tablets. Students must read the last webpage to figure out which tablet belongs to each community member. In level 1 there are visual clues as well as a more scaffold recording sheet. In level 2, the same passage is used, with no visual aids, and less scaffolding on the recording sheet.

Also included is a poster and two graphic organizers for ANY book that students can use to aid in this skill.

Feel free to check out this activity here if you'd like learn more about it!

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  1. Great activity! I dded an inference activity to my "masterpiece" too. Students need so much practice with this skill.


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