TpT Seller Challenge: Dare to Dream

TpT for me is a creative outlet. The materials I make, are ones I use with my students. Each sale plays a part in creating more products {can we say font and clip art addict?} and adding a little cushion of savings for a family rainy-day fund. I'm grateful, not so much for sales {although those are nice, don't get me wrong}, but more for the friendships that have been forged through this TpT journey...mostly through this blog. For that alone, I am thankful for TpT.

This week's challenge is to dream big. I don't do TpT "full time" and with baby A, the draw to spend time {let alone having the time} is a little more of a stretch, so some of these goals may be goals for awhile. That's okay though, I'm enjoying the ride!

My #1 desire is to be a stay at home mom. Do I love to be in the classroom and work with kids? Yes. However, the last few months have been the absolute best. I can't believe how much my little girl is growing and changing each day. August is going to be rough. I hope that maybe in a year or two I can maybe accomplish this goal.

#2 is to save and share. We are fortunate to have very little as far as debt. We have a nice older ranch that we want to update, college funds to save for, and hopefully some family vacations along the way. We are a part of a great church, the youth group I grew up in has a special place in my heart, as well as a few other causes that are near and dear to us that we would like to give to more.

#3... probably not in this lifetime... but I absolutely LOVE "Fixer Upper" by Chip & Joanna Gaines. I think they and their crew could do wonders to our home. Or even skype some pointers. Something. It'd be a dream come true to have their help in our home.

So there you have it, the obtainable and not so obtainable, but that's what dreams are for, right? What are your dreams and aspirations with TpT or other business ventures?


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fixer Upper! :)

    Great goals, friend! Your sweet Abigail is so cute - I'm so glad you're enjoying the time you have with her.

    Joy in the Journey

  2. I love Fixer Upper too! I actually live about an hour and half away from them & I have HONESTLY applied at a school about an hour south of my home contemplating having to move and seeing if they would help us. Can you say FAR FETCHED? I love her industrial farmhouse style....I am drowning in a neutral nightmare and I can't seem to wake up. One day..........


  3. I love that show as well :) And I am right there with you on having a hard time going back in August - my little man was born in May and this time at home with him has been glorious. I am dreading the start of school because that means I have to take him to daycare...
    I love your goals and hope that you can achieve them - especially the last one ;)

    Living the First Grade Dream

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fixer Upper. Last year we were doing some home remodeling....and I my husband kept saying "I'm Chip Gaines." Of course....I snapped a picture and tweeted it to Chip Gaines. AND.....HE TWEETED ME BACK! I could've died.....Chip Gaines knows I exist! AHHHHHH!!! your list!!!

    Mind Sparks

  5. I love how simple and humble your list of dreams is-- best of luck meeting every one of them! :)

    Ketchin' Up With Miss Riley


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