Gearing up for Relay Recess

Last year the Relay for Life committee came together in a truly AWESOME way: Relay Recess.

One of the 4th grade teachers is big in the country Relay for Life. She and her mother headed a group to bring the relay to my school. Couldn't have went better. The event was a great way to get kids involved with a cause that affects almost every family: cancer.

The duo is back at it again, gearing up for another Recess Relay this coming May.  Even though it's only February I've already had student's ask about the relay and when it will return. I'm excited to see everything they and the rest of the Relay for Life committee come up with! Here is a brief look at some of the events that took place last year.

All week, students bought feet for a quarter each and they were placed around the school. In just a week, 4th and 5th graders had accumulated over 1,300 feet... over $600! Crazy!

In the afternoon, we moved and grooved around the walking track around the playground. Music was blaring. Students had decorated luminaries that were placed around the track.

In the middle of the track were six stations that talked about health and cancer related topics: such as the importance of wearing sunscreen, exercise, the importance of a good diet, and cancer prevention practices. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome!

Survivors, including two of my family members were asked to come and join in. My niece was able to walk with her aunt and great grandma throughout the afternoon. It was neat to see.

The two winning homerooms from the fundraiser (one for each grade) were able to have their homeroom teacher "sumo wrestle" our principal. It was hilarious. {And the teachers won!}

I'm truly looking forward to what all is in store for this year. For more information on Relay Recess please check out this website from Relay for Life. Be sure to check back in May to see this year's festivities!


  1. What a great way for your students to participate in a community event! Thanks for sharing!
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  2. What a great idea! I must share with my building :)

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